Charles WayIf you have found this website it probably means that you are interested in theatre and in particular theatre for young people, children and their families and I bid you welcome.

Here you will find information about the plays I have been writing over the past thirty years, including plays for adults, adaptations and musicals.

Charles Way signatureThere are synopses of the plays and information about how to get hold of scripts, either for professional or for amateur use.

Spring 2016

Phil and Jack hide in terror as the Giant searches for its next meal—them! (L-R) Eric M. Messner, Adi Stein, Chris Dinolfo (Photo: Margot Schulman)Charles Way’s ‘Jack and Phil, Slayers of Giants INC’ has received a great first production in the US at Imagination Stage, directed by Janet Stanford. The play is suitable for family and school audiences.

It is now available in the US through Plays for young Audiences and in the UK and Europe by contacting the author at enquiries@charles-way.co.uk.

Full reviews of this production are on this review page.

Other key reviews

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