Charles WayIf you have found this website it probably means that you are interested in theatre and in particular theatre for young people, children and their families and I bid you welcome.

Charles Way signatureHere you will find information about the plays I have been writing over the past thirty years, including plays for adults, adaptations and musicals. There are synopses of the plays and information about how to get hold of scripts, either for professional or for amateur use.

The-Gift-Clare-McMahon-and-Niall-Murphy“As the finest writers are shaped and influenced by their home place, so have Way’s many award-winning plays reflected the rich cultural heritage from which they sprang.

But The Gift is something entirely different, a play written by a master of the genre, who, while knowing his constituency so well, is yet willing to go out on a limb in pursuit of something new.”

Culture Northern Ireland, March 2015

News – Winter 2014

Two new publications are now available.
New Plays for Young PeopleNew Plays For Young People (ISBN 978-1-906582-51-7) is an anthology which includes:

Hard TimesHard Times (ISBN 978-1-906582-48-7) – with an introduction by Chris Honer– is a highly acclaimed adaptation of Dickens’ critique of utilitarianism which speaks directly to any society that treats its young people as cogs in an educational/economic machine. The play has a large cast and is therefore suitable for amateur as well as professional production. Five stars – from The Independent.

In October I was invited to Bucharest to be a judge at the international children’s theatre festival 100, 1.000. 1.000.000 Stories. This was a wonderful experience and the quality of the work on show was very high.

The Snow QueenOn 6 November The Snow Queen – directed by Rosamunde Hutt with spectacular designs by Andreea Săndulescu – opened at Ion Creanga Theatre in Bucharest.

In Germany, both Rose mit Dornen (Sleeping Beauty) in Leipzig and Der weite Weg (The Long Way Home) in Nürnberg with Theater Pfütze opened to great reviews which are featured on my German publisher’s website, Theaterstueckverlag, München.

Sleeping Beauty, which began its theatrical life at the Polka Theatre in 1990, continues to be widely performed in Russia and the Ukraine.

In November, I spent a week in Gelsenkirchen working with Consol Theatre and Theatr Iolo from Wales on the first draft of a new play called Infinity, about a mission to Mars set in the year 2035.

On 8 December I return to Belfast and Cahoots Theatre to continue work on The Gift, which will open in March 2015.

Ragnarok enjoyed a wonderful first production from Eastern Angles at the Hush House in Suffolk in September / October. Directed by Hal Chambers with a stunning cast-and great designs by Samuel Wyler.

Key reviews

This page has extracts of reviews of various productions.

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