Plays for children

4+ years

Play First produced by Date
Granddad's Big Adventure Chichester 2004
One Snowy Night Chichester 2003
A Spell Of Cold Weather Sherman Theatre/ Theatre Centre 1995
The Monkey and the Crocodile Theatre Centre 1979

7+ years

Play First produced by Date
Under the Hawthorn Tree Cahoots, NI 2018
Jack and Phil, Slayers of Giants INC Imagination Stage, USA 2015
The Gift Cahoots, NI 2015
Nivelli's War Cahoots, NI 2013
Pirates, A Boy at Sea Imagination Stage + Polka Theatre 2009
The Iron Ring Minneapolis CTC, USA 2008
Merlin and the Cave of Dreams Imagination Stage, USA 2004
Playing from the Heart Polka Theatre 1998
The Flood Unicorn Theatre 1988
In Living Memory Gwent Theatre 1986

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